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Flo Clo copy of

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Blouson cuir, daim, peau lainée Horspist MARTA ROUGE COL NOIR MARTA RED BLACK COLLAR

Red Marta down jacket

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CNS4331233 Magenta CSN4331233 Magenta
Creenstone CSN4331233 Magenta

Magenta cashmere coat

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copy of BENEDICT Camel BENEDICT 2 Gris Fondant
Flo Clo BENEDICT 2 Gris Fondant

CSN0460223 Vert D'eau CSN0460223 Water Green
Creenstone CSN0460223 Water Green

Belted parka CREENSTONE

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FROST 515 M 03KA métallique FROST 515 M 03KA métallique
Blonde N°8 FROST 515 M 03KA métallique

Parka FROST métallisée BLONDE N8

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  • Victim of his own success !

Textiles for plus-size women

Every woman deserves to shine, no matter her size. With Cesare Nori, plus-size fashion is far from a challenge. Specializing in sizes up to 7XL, Cesare Nori puts the spotlight on women's ready-to-wear for those seeking elegance and comfort in perfect harmony.

Discover Cesare Nori's new collection, combining the elegance of women's ready-to-wear with the softness of chosen materials. Whether you're looking for a fabric down jacket to protect you from the chill or a wool coat to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit, this boutique will meet all your expectations.

Fashion is self-expression, and every woman has the right to access clothing that's both trendy and suited to her body type. Sweaters, tunics, dresses, pants, or even cotton sweaters, each piece is designed to flatter and enhance the shape. And with the variety of styles on offer, every woman can find the perfect outfit for every occasion.

Cesare Nori's ready-to-wear is not limited to clothing. The store also offers a range of tunics and dresses in women's sizes, ideal for all those looking to blend comfort and style. Looking for a loose-fitting blouse or a shirt line dress? You'll find it at Cesare Nori, where every piece is a pledge of excellence.

With Cesare Nori, plus-size fashion is no longer the exception, but the rule. The plus-size ready-to-wear collection demonstrates the brand's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. And that's not all. The online boutique guarantees secure payment for all your purchases, as well as delivery of your favorite items straight to your door.


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At the end of the day, Cesare is the best place to start.

In short, Cesare Nori is an invitation to celebrate beauty in all its forms. With garments thoughtfully designed for full-figured women, the brand proves that fashion knows no size. So, ladies, don't wait any longer and discover today the world of luxury ready-to-wear signed Cesare Nori.

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