Milestone, the brand that tailors leather

Milestone specializes in crafting men's leather jackets. The brand sets itself apart with its relaxed cuts, refined finishing details, and the diversity of styles it offers. Milestone is one of the market leaders for leather jackets in around thirty countries. Each Milestone model is designed with elegance while adding a chic sportswear edge that suits everyday life.

Milestone is a frontrunner in the realm of men's and women's leather jacket production. It plays with cuts and leather crafting to give each piece a style that's both chic and all-terrain. The brand is equally at home with soft, fine leather, as seen in their black leather jackets, as it is in the functional domain with their 3/4-length men's jackets. The brand is loved for its practicality and easy adaptability, whether dressed up with a tuxedo or dressed down for casual, everyday wear. Those seeking comfort and modernity will be thrilled to wear these timeless pieces made from soft, supple lambskin and cut for the ultimate in comfort.

Models that adapt to occasions

You'll appreciate the extreme comfort and lightness of these warm leather models. From the casual/chic style to the adventurer look, the products from the German brand Milestone will complement your sportswear outfits as well as your more formal ensembles, all while offering the comfort and freedom of their cuts.

The Milestone women's collection

You'll appreciate the extreme lightness of these fine leather models. From casual/chic to sportswear styles, the products from the German brand Milestone easily adapt to all occasions. The women's leather jackets possess an undeniable charm and elegance. The choice of colors and the carefully designed short cut give you a refined look. 

You'll love the jackets made of fine, supple leather, and not to forget the fitted look that will flatter your waist, perfect for dining out. You'll also enjoy the leather jackets with an adventurer's style that will propel you into the brand's universe of extreme sensations.

The Milestone men's collection

The leather collection for men offers you a range of timeless pieces that highlight your keen sense for men's fashion. Whether you prefer a classic or rugged/chic style, your choice reveals your personality through every detail of your outfit. Whether it's summer or winter, Milestone offers collections that adapt to the seasons.

When temperatures rise, you'll appreciate the classic jacket made of fine lambskin or kid suede. In the mid-season, you'll be seduced by leather jackets in colors that reflect your originality. As winter approaches, you'll choose a piece that's elegant with warm, comfortable leather.