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Accessoires Sélection Cesare Nori BONNET REX Taupe BONNET REX Taupe
Sélection Cesare Nori BONNET REX Taupe

: Taupe

1626 Fawn Light 1626 Fawn Light
Manakas 1626 Fawn Light

01001L Camel 01001L Camel
Sélection Cesare Nori 01001L Camel

Knitted rabbit vest

Gilet en cuir pour femme Sélection Cesare Nori 01002L 01002L Bordeaux
Sélection Cesare Nori 01002L Bordeaux

Knitted rabbit fur vest

BONNET 06034 Noir BONNET O6068 Black
Sélection Cesare Nori BONNET O6068 Black

Cashmere and fur hat

Manteau en fourrure pour femme Intuition LANA Noir LANA Black
Intuition LANA Black

Turned rex fur and fox jacket

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01002L Noir 01002L Black
Sélection Cesare Nori 01002L Black

Fourrure gilet noir

01074L Naturel 01074L Natural
Sélection Cesare Nori 01074L Natural

Fur hooded vest

copy of BENEDICT Camel BENEDICT 2 Gris Fondant
Flo Clo BENEDICT 2 Gris Fondant

Manteau en fourrure pour femme Sélection Cesare Nori 01001L Blanc 01001L White
Sélection Cesare Nori 01001L White

White knitted rabbit cardigan

  • Victim of his own success !
KATARINA Chocolat KATARINA Chocolate
Helma KATARINA Chocolate

Fox fur choker vest

F115 Beige/Vison F115 Beige/Mink
Helma F115 Beige/Mink

Fur fringed scarf

Manteau en fourrure pour femme Sélection Cesare Nori 01002L Blanc 01002L White
Sélection Cesare Nori 01002L White

White knitted rabbit cardigan

  • Victim of his own success !

Fur Coat

The fur coat is one of the oldest fashion pieces there is. And yet, it is making a strong comeback, parading on the catwalks just like in its early days. This warm coat allows you to have a chic look while feeling like you're in a cocoon. If you have never worn fur before, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a try. Fur has managed to reinvent itself and is also available in women's fur vests! Despite competition from faux fur coats, it has never been dethroned. Unfortunately, it is not a mid-season garment but a winter coat. It is one of the few coats where you are really warm inside, so why deprive yourself of it? Are you tired of your trench coat? Are you looking for a combination of originality and chicness? Are you too cold with your denim jacket or short jacket? Are your poncho or down jacket outdated? The real winter coat that is both windproof and warm is fur. Fur coats can meet all your expectations in terms of both style and effectiveness.

In addition, the fur-trimmed hooded coat or fur-lined puffer coat is an excellent option.

The Modern Coat

We always think of grandmothers and their fur coats, but remove that idea from your mind! The long fur coat is no longer an oversized jacket; it can be both a fitted jacket and a sleeveless jacket. Many fashionistas advise wearing it to stay warm during winter. Fur is as trendy as any other coat, with the advantage of being truly warm.

Choose excellent materials: mink, rabbit, fox...

You have a choice in both cuts and colors. Today, the women's winter coat is the fur coat.

It comes in different cuts:

  • Short coat
  • Long coat
  • Straight coat
  • Fitted coat
  • Mid-length coat
  • Cape

Forget about the simple women's jacket and become a true woman by wearing a fur coat. Soft and comfortable, this coat will keep you warm without being too heavy.


Do you like fur as well as wool? Bi-material is very trendy. Do you want a fur collar and a wool coat? It's possible. Shearling (reversed sheepskin) also has an impact when lined with wool. Mixed with cashmere, the fur will be as soft as it is comfortable.
Your coat can also have a fur lining. You choose the style, and the coat provides the warmth.
The fur offered here is fox fur, so the quality is guaranteed, and you know what you're wearing. Whether it's zipped or buttoned, with a fur hood or a high collar, the bi-material coat can also be two-tone. However, synthetic fur should be avoided.
Not only does a coat with synthetic fur become a mid-season coat, but imitation fur also ages poorly.

Avoiding Fashion Faux Pas

If these winter coats promise you a warm winter, they also promise you a stylish winter. A fur coat for women is not always chic; it can also be casual. However, leopard print is to be avoided. Fur is not always easy to match, so if it's printed, it's a guaranteed fashion faux pas. Choose a color that is easy to match, such as off-white, pale pink, gray, ecru, or khaki green if you really love that color. Of course, a black coat always works.

What is also forbidden is shoulder pads. Fur is already imposing; we don't need to add extra volume. When you put on your fur coat, whether it has sleeves or not, it's the only hairy garment you wear in your look. We wouldn't want to look like an animal!

Every year, when winter arrives, you take out your leather jacket. What if this year you played with originality?

Fur coats for women can be worn regardless of your body shape; you just need to find the length that suits you best and go for it! A wardrobe needs a fur coat, and at the end of winter, you hang it on a hanger and store it in a cotton cover to find it as good as new the following year.

A Wide Selection of Brands

Intuition, Oakwood, Giorgio & Mario, Levinsky, Blonde N8... discover a wide selection of women's fur models.

Buy a Fur Coat on

Cesare Nori offers a selection of genuine fur coats: coats, jackets, down jackets, vests.

Ideal for low temperatures in autumn and winter, these fur models will accompany you for many years.

For orders over €249, you will receive free 24-hour delivery and the option to pay in 3 installments without fees.

A quality control is systematically carried out before shipping your package.

In case of any issue, you can request a free exchange or refund.

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