MANUVIE Marron Tricolore MANUVIE Brown Tricolor
Possery MANUVIE Brown Tricolor

Multi-sided shearling jacket

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Caractère Cuir AMALIA Marron

Levinsky ADINE Taupe

Hooded sheepskin jacket

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Shearling reversible vest


Reversible shearling vest

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ESTHER Moutarde ESTHER Mustard
Cesare Nori ESTHER Mustard

Ultra-soft, reversible shearling jacket

Fabrication Française
Fabrication Française
PIEMONTE/90 Marron foncé PIEMONTE/90 Dark brown
Levinsky PIEMONTE/90 Dark brown

3/4 shearling lambskin with hood

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  • Victim of his own success !

Women's Shearling

Women's fashion is all about shearling. It's a material that is both comfortable and warm, adding an extra touch to your style. It has been the star of fashion week runway shows for the winter season. From Burberry to Mac Douglas, and Giorgio Armani, shearling was in the spotlight! Women's leather is fashionable, but shearling is both a leather jacket and a wool jacket. It's as warm as a beautiful fur coat while offering a different aesthetic.

Choosing a shearling coat means having the style to stay warm during winter. If you're unsure how to wear shearling, don't worry, there are a multitude of cuts available, and you will definitely find the perfect one to accompany you throughout the winter. Made from lamb leather or sheepskin, shearling garments are now essential leather items in your wardrobe.

An Original Material

Sheepskin allows for both a leather and a sheep's wool side. These women's garments are naturally lined with warm wool. A shearling jacket can be reversible. The quality of these skins promises a bright future for your shearling jacket. A shearling coat will keep you warm in any situation and give you a style that will make others envious. The sheepskin's interior gives the leather a velvety appearance that is beautiful and soft (similar to suede). You can choose the lining, but a shearling jacket will always be comfortable and pleasant to wear.

Merino or Toscane lambskin allows for a naturally quilted bi-material winter coat that is very warm. Unlike faux fur, a shearling jacket is a piece that you keep for years. Let go of the idea that shearling is a farm coat. Today, no women's collection is complete without shearling. As you can see, it's the material of the year. Now it's up to you to choose the cut and color you desire, and then eagerly await the arrival of winter!
Leather and fur must be cared for, so ask a professional for proper maintenance advice.

All Cuts Are Available

Because you're tired of your puffer jacket and want something different, shearling can offer you a range of cuts to fulfill your desires:

  • Short jacket
  • Long coat
  • Perfecto
  • Hooded coat
  • Short coat
  • Long jacket
  • Mid-length coat

A shearling jacket can have a zipper, single-button closure, double-button closure, paneling, a fur collar, a stand-up collar, a shawl collar, patch pockets—everything is possible! Pea coat, trench coat, parka—shearling is available.

If you prefer a classic style, opt for a straight or tailored cut. If you love originality, choose an asymmetric closure that adds a touch of rock to your style. Avoid faux shearling, as it looks fake and lacks quality.

You have several styles to choose from: bomber, aviator, chic, or urban.

Colors and Shearling

The current trend is all about colors. Your lightweight leather perfecto is not warm enough for the coldest days, your poncho is no longer as trendy, and your blazer is nice but too thin. That's when you decide to buy a women's shearling coat. A very wise decision, according to many fashion enthusiasts!

Your shearling coat should match your wardrobe and all your shoes. Shearling comes in various colors. You have a choice of brown, black, cognac, camel, beige, and more. Your choice will depend on your look and confidence. Beige, black, and heather gray are easy-to-match colors. To avoid any fashion faux pas, choose your essentials. Tone-on-tone is always a good option.

Faux fur coats are a no-go; shearling jackets must be made of genuine leather!

Once you have chosen your dream shearling, it will go with all your outfits, from leggings to denim overalls to jeans skirts. Let your style shine as you face the winter with flair until the mid-season! A leather coat is fashionable and trendy, suitable for both dressed-up and casual outfits. Choose between sheepskin, Merino lamb, nylon...
Beyond style, shearling will be your ideal partner in facing winter temperatures. There are few materials that will keep you as warm.

A Wide Selection of Brands

Schott, Levinsky, Liven, Serge Pariente, Ventcouvert... you can find a wide selection of shearling.

Buying Shearling on

Cesare Nori offers a selection of shearling for women. Ideal for the low temperatures of autumn and winter, these types of women's jackets will accompany you for many years.

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