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Men's Fur Coats and Parkas

Initially more dedicated to women's ready-to-wear, fur coats and parkas are increasingly turning towards men's fashion. These winter garments are the most imposing and important style elements when worn. Indeed, their thickness and size steal the spotlight from other items in the outfit. This is especially true for fur parkas and coats. Fur adds volume and character to the coat and your overall look.

Parka vs Coat: What's the Difference?

Coat, down jacket, leather jacket, parka, aviator jacket, bomber, trench coat... it's true that all these names for winter garments can quickly become confusing.

Coats and parkas are large winter garments, often in solid colors, and usually feature a zip closure. The zipper is protected by snap buttons or regular buttons. Men's coats and parkas generally have large side pockets and an additional inner pocket. Zippered pockets are very rare.

So yes, at first glance, coats and parkas may look very similar, but there is one element that sets them apart. So what is this difference? Well, it's quite simple—the length. Parkas are longer than coats, but don't worry about this length distinction because, depending on the models, both are equally capable of effectively protecting you from the cold.

Garments with Multiple Advantages

If you don't own a fur parka or coat, that's likely to change soon. These garments offer numerous advantages that make them essential pieces in a good wardrobe, especially during winter. Don't confuse them with faux fur, as faux fur won't provide all the benefits of real fur. Imitation fur or synthetic fur are merely substitutes and not equals.

Being very thick and made of real fur, these garments are incredibly warm and will perfectly protect you from the cold. They have everything necessary for that purpose—thickness, lining, and insulation (some even feature sheepskin). You won't find anything better to keep warm.

Warmth is great, but what about comfort? Once again, fur parkas and coats excel in this aspect. Being thick and present throughout the entire inner surface, real fur is very soft and extremely comfortable. Warmth and comfort, what could be better for staying cozy during a frigid winter?

From a practical standpoint, fur parkas and coats have the advantage of being waterproof and equipped with a hood. They also offer windproof protection. Their large side pockets are very practical for storing your belongings or keeping your hands warm. With a fur-trimmed hooded coat or parka, inclement weather, wind, and winter won't stand a chance!

When it comes to practicality, it's hard to find anything better. But can the same be said about aesthetics? One might think not, given their size and simplicity, but think again. First and foremost, they are true chameleons—they easily adapt to any look and style. They are ideal outerwear for any top and complement different bottoms in your wardrobe.

Last but not least, they are increasingly trendy. Fur has undergone a transformation in recent years and is slowly becoming the fashionable element for a beautiful men's parka or coat.

So as you can see, when it comes to your winter coat, choosing between a short down jacket, a long down jacket, a lightweight down jacket, classic jackets, and a fur parka or coat, the choice is clear, isn't it?

How to Wear Them?

As mentioned earlier, fur parkas and coats are ideal partners to complement your outfits. So don't worry and don't let your style become a barrier to purchasing a fur parka—they can be worn for any occasion.

For a classic everyday style, you can easily pair them with jeans, a sweater, a hooded jacket, or a polo shirt. This style is particularly well-suited for men's fur coats and parkas. Looks with straight or fitted cuts are also great complements. A sportswear style or a more casual look will also work.

Although they can generally be worn with anything, it's best to avoid overly flashy and vibrant colors as they don't pair as well.

A Wide Selection of Products

You won't have any trouble finding what you're looking for. A wide range of fur coats and parkas is available. Whether it's a fur collar, fur-trimmed hood, long or short length, thick or lightweight fur, it can cater to your preferences.

There is also a variety of colors to choose from: black, brown, khaki green, navy blue, beige.

Why not indulge in a stunning khaki parka from the brand Blonde n°8 to stay warm during winter? With its long length and fur-trimmed hood, it will undoubtedly meet your winter expectations.

Our Brands

You will also find our top brands for our finest fur coats and parkas: Fontanelli, Blonde n°8, Millestone, Sinclair.

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