Blouson et veste cuir pour homme Schott LC1150 Noir LC1150 Black
Schott LC1150 Black

Leather jacket with belt

  • Victim of his own success !

Gentlemen, the perfecto is a must-have in men's fashion and therefore in your wardrobe.

Originally created by Irving Schott (the creator of the Schott brand), the leather perfecto was first conceived as a motorcycle jacket. The famous black leather jacket was created as an alternative to the aviator jacket that protected bikers during their wild rides. Today, the perfecto jacket has become an essential and timeless garment that every man should have in his wardrobe.

The iconic black leather jacket is no longer just a motorcycle jacket but a leather garment for everyday life. Men wear their perfecto jackets like a second skin, asserting their look.
The perfecto leather jacket is no longer reserved for the biker style but for the style and look of the modern man.

The Men's Perfecto Collection

Lambskin leather, shearling, and cowhide leather have replaced the original horsehide. The perfecto has become a supple and comfortable leather jacket for men. Its fitted cut is still present, as well as its attributes that make it recognizable at first glance:

  • Asymmetrical front zip closure
  • Reversible front panel (thanks to the asymmetrical closure)
  • Biker collar invented by Irving Schott
  • Zippered pocket and snap-button pockets
  • Built-in leather belt at the waist (which disappears on some models)
  • Fitted cut for wearing this short jacket snugly

This men's leather jacket carries the raw and wild character of rebellious bikers from the past.
However, the variations over time have also allowed it to become more tame and be worn by men looking for a casual and fashionable look at the same time.

The Evolution of the Men's Perfecto

Colored leather is now part of the available variations for this men's jacket. For example, brown leather allows a responsible family man to adopt it without fearing being seen as a rebellious "black jacket" from the 1960s! You no longer need to be a rocker or a biker to wear a perfecto.

Similarly, reversed sheepskin and lambskin leather allow for more elegant and luxurious finishes than full-grain cowhide leather. The perfecto has moved upmarket with stitching details and supple leather worthy of many fashion brands. Granted, it moves away from the motorcycle leather, but the soul of the garment remains intact.

90 years after its creation, it remains relevant and can be recognized at first glance. However, this men's leather jacket stands out from the classic zippered style. It has an image and a short cut that set it apart from other leather garments.

How to Wear the Perfecto Jacket?

However you like! That should be the motto when it comes to wearing your men's leather jacket, which will quickly become your favorite. Opt for genuine leather, though. It will last longer, especially if you follow the care instructions.

The men's perfecto allows you to play with your style and silhouette. Unlike a leather coat that conceals your body shape, this former motorcycle jacket showcases it.

As for color, black is the most well-known, but if you want originality, you can opt for other colors like white.

Worn with slim jeans, it will give you a trendy and casual look, while paired with chinos and nice shoes, you will instantly look more elegant.
Of course, avoid leather pants and cowboy boots (unless you want to dress up as Elvis!), and also avoid cropped pants... Aim to adapt it to your style, not to create an overly eccentric look.

On the contrary, if the black leather perfecto jacket is paired with ripped denim pants, you can go for a hipster look, both fashionable and "rebellious". Feel free to choose the look and trend you prefer. The key is to embrace your outfit.

As for the top, you can pair it with a T-shirt for a casual look.

There are numerous options, it's up to you to choose

From a quilted leather jacket to a red leather jacket or embracing the pure rock style, you are free to choose the variation that you feel most comfortable with.

There are now as many variations as there are styles. This men's leather jacket often black is reworked, redesigned, and reinvented with each new fashion season. Nevertheless, you will recognize a perfecto at first glance, regardless of its material or color. That's the identity of the perfecto. A recognizable silhouette and cut among thousands!
For all these reasons, we offer you versions and models of the most beautiful men's perfecto jackets. Leather, reversed skin, shearling, come and discover our selection of men's perfecto jackets among the finest on the market.

Be sure to choose the right size. These models come in various sizes: Size S, Size M, Size L, XXL, and even 4XL.

Quality, durability, and style come together to finally give you the opportunity to own a beautiful leather garment. Both the cut, the material, and the quality of the finishes we offer will seduce you. All that's left is to make your choice.

Also, keep in mind that a genuine leather perfecto jacket will have great durability and will accompany you for many years if you ensure proper care. Over time, your perfecto jacket will even acquire a pleasantly aged appearance.

As for colors, you have a choice: Dark brown, cognac color, suede, beige, black, brown...

A Wide Choice of Brands

Schott, Redskins, Serge Pariente, Ventcouvert... discover a wide selection of perfecto-style jackets.

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